Customs is a challenging part of the logistic process to import and export goods. You don't need to endure any hardship or confusion as we have a team of in-house customs specialists to undergo these for you.

At Atlas Logistics UK Ltd, we handle all customs formalities through our links to Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) and Customs Declaration Service (CDS), enabling us to access the UK customs database to provide import and export customs clearance nationally and on a global scale. We also,

In addition to this we also have our consultancy division which can help with more bespoke requests relating to your business.  Using Atlas Business Solutions Ltd gives us the opportunity to impartially analyse your current processes and work with you to find compliant solutions at cost effective fees to your business.  Please click here to visit their website.

Our staff have combined experience of over 100 years in customs procedures, so we can give impartial guidance on anything from commodity and CPC codes to export and import licences. Also, we use the customs tariff daily. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of its various complex aspects.

Our customs service helps our clients save time, anguish and money. Why not give us a try for your customs needs?

Dedicated Inventory Links (Badges)

We have dedicated inventory links, known as “badges” via the three major CSP operators, CCS-UK, MCP and CNS to the following ports and airports around the United Kingdom.

CCS-UK Inventory linked locations.

London Heathrow Airport (DTH)

London Gatwick Airport (DTH)

London Stansted Airport (ZSN)

Birmingham Airport (ZNV)

Manchester Airport (TAL)

Atlas Logistics UK Ltd ETSF – Birmingham Airport (LKX)

Destin8 Inventory linked locations.

Felixstowe Port (FUG)

Destin8 Merseyside Cluster Badge including Liverpool, Bromborough, Ellesmere, Warrington, Garston, Salford, Runcorn, Tranmere, Heysham, Birkenhead, Eastham, Carrington, Irlam. (JQA)

Destin8 Humber Cluster Badge including Hull, Goole, Boston, Immingham, Killingholme, Gunness, Flixborough, Barrow Haven, Keadby, Howden, Grove & New Holland (LFA)

Destin8 Thames River Cluster Badge including Tilbury, Purfleet Thames Terminal, Dagenham Jetty & Rail Terminal, Barking Rail Terminal, West Thurrock Jetty & Northfleet (PAK)

Destin8 Inland Badge (ERG)

CNS Inventory linked locations

Southampton Port (WPZ)

Atlas Logistics UK Ltd ETSF – Birmingham (BDE)

London Gateway Port (MFA)

Tilbury Port (WNI)

These inventory linked locations for Atlas Logistics UK Ltd give us unrivalled coverage of UK ports and airports. Our in-house customs staff can perform dedicated Customs clearance on your behalf, using industry leading software solutions.

Our customs service helps our clients save time, anguish, and money. Why not give us a try for your customs needs?

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