Ecommerce has become an area for significant growth for us since May 2019. With our onsite ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility) in Birmingham. This allows us to move containers or trucks from UK ports in most cases without costly demurrage fees caused by port examinations. We then transfer goods to our ETSF for customs clearance onsite. Once cleared the cargo is moved to our general warehouse for final mile delivery. The prime reason for detaining a container or vehicle at a UK port is Port Health matters, which is an unlikely event but we are equipped to resolve. Furthermore, the HMRC and Trading Standards attend our site should an inspection be required.

With our Bulk Import Reduced Data Set (BIRDS) accreditation we make parcel level ecommerce customs declarations simpler. Using our advanced customs software and BIRDS approval system, we can handle low value bulk declarations with a reduced data set compliant with HMRC current guidelines. Once cargo is customs cleared, we can palletise goods to meet FBA booking requirements or despatch as loose parcels through a myriad of parcel carrier solutions. If required clients can have live status updates of their consignments via our website members area where we provide a bespoke WMS. We can tailor our one stop solutions to receive your consignments and deliver as required. We offer from whole consignment, through pallet to parcel level the ability to deliver to FBA’s, stores and B2C solutions

Atlas UK LTD rises above the competition through our ability to not only offer import solutions handled by our team of experienced professionals, industry leading software and warehouse facilities. We also provide return solutions tailored to your needs. Since Brexit return solutions, especially where EU trade is concerned have become increasingly challenging. As a part of our bespoke logistics solutions, we are prepared to utilise our warehouse as a return address on your shipments. Furthermore we are able to receive parcel level items, scan parcels on arrival and share the data with you via csv or our member portal. Using this data, it is then possible to build up a stock of return parcels, re-export back to origin with satisfactory paperwork and potentially reclaim duty fee paid at import. 

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