In May 2019, we opened our ETSF at our Birmingham site. Here we unpack containers, road tucks and airfreight ULD’s from all over the world. Having our External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) on both the sea CNS and air CCS-UK inventories. Consequently, we are in a unique position to provide bespoke solutions for any mode your goods travel.

Being AEO(F), authorised consignee/consignors means we can discharge or create TAD documents through NCTS per your requirements. Also, we can create UCR’s on either inventory systems – CNS or CCS-UK for all modes of travel.

The ETSF facility offers our clients the ability to avoid high port or airport storage fees with greater flexibility once cargo is cleared.

Call a member of our team today to find out how we can design a bespoke solution for your business using our onsite ETSF facility and inhouse customs brokerage team.

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