With Atlas Logistics UK LTD, you gain a driven and accountable freight forwarder as a partner committed to improving your business – our team are here to empower you with supply chain transparency, efficiency, and agility to simplify your enterprise.

With a proven track record in project cargo, we believe there aren’t any shipments or special services we cannot deliver. We provide you with viable solutions for even the most challenging freight problems; from aviation service freight to packing, we offer multiple services and bespoke resolutions under one roof.


Here at Atlas Logistics UK Ltd, we handle aviation accounts for major airlines across the globe. Therefore, we can provide ‘service freight’ logistics that can optimise your business – our services include sourcing, receiving, x-ray, making cargo known and delivering aircraft supplies to the contracted carrier, as well as other assistance.

We have vast experience in this field and are fully conversant with end-use regimes, so we may design solutions to meet the criteria of individual carriers. Also as a fully accredited IATA member, airline carriers are assured of a service that meets all their needs across the global market.

With a proven track record in project cargo, we believe there aren’t any shipments or special services we cannot deliver. We provide you with viable solutions for even the most challenging freight problems; from aviation service freight to packing, we offer multiple services and bespoke resolutions under one roof.


We have developed long-standing relationships with large integrators of small and medium-sized parcels, such as DHL, offering your business bulk order savings when you deal through us. From the smallest parcel, to chartering an aircraft in an emergency, we possess the expertise and skills to deliver your goods safely, securely and cost-effectively.

We provide complete peace of mind – you can rest assured that every shipment is handled to your exact requirements. 


Atlas Logistics UK Ltd is one of a few logistics providers to have a Section 5 licence to move restricted ammunition and arms. The transportation of ammunition and arms can be via air, road, or sea freight, with which we are fully acquainted. This highly specialised service requires the utmost attention to detail and precision. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can safely say that our vast experience enables us to transport an array of sensitive goods handling their movement, storage and documentation.

As registered account holders with the export control organisation’s online export licensing system (SPIRE) with BIS, we can apply for export or trade licences on your behalf to provide the strategic movement of cargo such as military goods, firearms, police and paramilitary goods and much more. Atlas Logistics UK LTD is on the approved list to carry, store and freight such restricted goods. We currently offer this service to two key clients – both are market leaders in their fields, meaning we can provide documentation advice and a complete door-to-door service worldwide.

As this is very specialised, we respectfully request you contact us via our enquiry form for further information.


Alongside our customs experience, we also have a vast knowledge of consular requirements. We can offer immense insight and guidance on the proper manner to complete such services, necessary time frames and documentation, including but not limited to, 


A key part of the Atlas Logistics UK Ltd portfolio is that we are in touch with many sourcing companies therefore we can aid your business in the purchasing of products to be exported or imported globally. We are knowledgeable of legislation and each country’s processes pertaining to this form of logistics, enabling us to assist you.

Specifically we offer freight forwarding solutions that utilise our peer company as the buying agent whilst we assist you in procuring needs and all the necessary compliance to import or export. 


Cargo insurance is the best way to ensure peace of mind when importing or exporting goods across the globe. We highly recommend enquiring about freight insurance whenever shipping cargo, particularly for sea freight cargo. It is often the case that businesses do not think to insure shipments as they assume this is included in the terms of sale, however it is not always the case.

We specifically recommend enquiring about adequate marine insurance for sea freight cargo. Here at Atlas Logistics UK Ltd, we have our own marine open cover policy that offers insurance on a shipment-by-shipment basis. Also, premium insurance is available upon request and subject to criteria concerning product, mode of transport, origin or destination countries. Our insurance is offered through a broker approved by BIFA and is prepared to cover all types of transport, air, sea, or road, and when necessary, whilst goods are in storage at one of our premises too.

In certain instances, we may need to tailor a package to meet your specific requirements, at which time our broker comes to the fore and will source a solution to fit your requirement. This applies to insurance as per the Letter of Credit and all paperwork to match.

Although we hope your insurance is never necessary with our shipments – we operate on the basis that if one fails to prepare, they prepare to fail. With unpredictability at every turn, and the constant exchange of hands when it comes to the movement of goods – we are here to help! Call one of our team members for a free quote today.


Making sure products are packed in accordance with the regulations of airlines, shipping vessels, containers and more is an intricate part of the logistics process. Our team of warehouse operatives, checks that the correct packaging and labels are used for each shipment to ensure the safe arrival of cargo at its destination.

 When packing goods to be transported internationally, there are United Nations specified packing materials and tools that have been aptly tested to store your cargo safely. These range from jerricans to fibreboard boxes – all of which can be purchased by shippers or repackaged by ourselves once cargo reaches our warehouse. It is paramount to ensure cargo is safely and securely packaged, in accordance to its specifications, it is often the case that using improper material boxes or containers has not prevented the damage to cargo – causing your products to arrive in a poor state. We have expert in-house packers and solutions covering the whole of the United Kingdom.

Key to our bespoke solutions here at Atlas Logistics UK Ltd offers advice on packing and repacking services. Regardless of size, we are equipped to package and handle anything from small parcels to full sea freight containers, and large project moves for air, sea and road transport. We also offer a subsidiary service for hazardous, keep cool and refrigerated cargo. In addition, we offer on-site packing solutions at your premises, specific crate builds, tailored container or ULD packing and impartial advice on your requirements.

We urge you not get caught out with the poor packing of your valuable products – contact us today for a full comprehensive quote.

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